It’s always a joy to come home to a warm and loving family.

Many of our women have not had the experience of coming to a home where it is safe, warm, and filled with families who are happy to see you and ask, “How was your day?”  Of course, there are good days and bad days, but together we ensure that every individual is surrounded with hugs and a listening ear whenever needed.  We pride ourselves in building trust and support as a strong bonded family should.



Graduate 2021
I came down here from North Carolina looking for a fresh start and needed support of someone who cared about me and my daughter. Ms. Sonya was able to link me with a great agency and I could not be more grateful while living at this home. I stayed and received my license and a certified mechanic with Mercedes and purchased by first home! This would not be possible without Ms. Sonya's home.


Graduate 2020
I first came to the home after paying for a hotel weekly and could not afford my own place. I have known Ms. Sonya since SBA and heard about her home. I was the first resident to be admitted and it was a blessing being able to focus of reunifying with my children in a stable home. I am now married and love my life with my beautiful family. I thank GOD for women like her who showed me how to persevere and never give up.


Graduate 2022
Ms. Sonya has been my rock after multiple times of trying to recover and keep my kids. Once the courts decided to proceed with terminating my rights as a mother, I reached out to Ms. Sonya, and she took me in. I'll never forget her telling me, "I believe in you". It brought tears to my eyes and gave me the courage to believe in myself. Since being at the house, I've given recovery my all and GOD gave me another chance by throwing out the TPR and granting me a case plan for reunification. I am forever grateful for this home.


Graduate 2021
I recall Ms. Sonya resigning from SBA, and before she left, she said "I'm going to have a place for you to come". She was determined to provide a supportive home for women and children and I am thankful for what she has created for us. My case closed with me having only supervised visit with my son. I worked on loving myself and took my recovery program serious. I moved into the home which allowed me to re-open my case and now I have shared custody with my son. Ms. Sonya has been a blessing throughout the process and advocated on my behalf in court as well. I am now married and have another bundle of joy added to my family. GOD Bless this house to continue supporting every woman that passes those doors.

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