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While getting back on our feet and learning new ways to manage life without any mood-altering substances, being a mom can be overwhelming. Here are DBYJ, you are not alone! Your feelings matter and we’re here to listen,  ensuring you are heard and supported while over-coming challenges that we all face at times. Building a strong family bond within our home has been proven to build confidence, self-esteem, and trust while creating healthy long-term relationship that will continue for years to come.

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SHARED ROOMS (Click here)

  • All rooms are fully furnished.
  • TV, laptop with internet/Wifi
  • Laundry Room on Site
  • Large yard for children play area
  • Close to Public Transportation
  • Shopping Centers
  • Daycare/Schools
  • 12-Step meetings


Medication Assisted Treatment Housing MAT (Click here)

Providing housing for mothers participating in MAT services provides a more structured and safer environment where staff can work with them more closely.  We are the first women and children housing facility supporting the MAT Program.

Supportive Services (Click here)

  • Peer Mentoring
  • Support during case plan tasks (Childnet)
  • Assistance with DCF benefits
  • Assistance with permanent housing resources
  • Support with Life Skills
  • In-house support meeting and Recovery support

What percentage of mothers are still maintaining recovery and stable housing?
What percentage of mothers stayed 6 month or more?

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